Caspian Rain by Gina Nahai

This book was a let-down. The title sounds great, and held such promise. The book flap made me want to read the book. The way in which the story was written and developed was well done and very dramatic. However, the ending came too quickly and suddenly. It was rather shocking. The reader is really left wanting more. Many of the periphery characters really were on the periphery. . . they could have been more fleshed out. On the other hand, the story is written reflects Yaas’s (the daughter who is telling the story) limited experiences.

This was the first book I read by this author. I am really not sure if I will read any of her others. As my husband has pointed out, there are a lot of books by angry Persian women, and I had hope that this one would be different. Perhaps I will try another book by this author, and see if it seems as angry. I suppose I was hoping for a happier ending. I read the whole book hoping for something good to come out of all the unhappiness. I have read other books, fiction and nonfiction, set in Iran that I have liked and appreciated more than this book. I love the cover and the title, and really, I am disappointed.

Here is the link to the author’s official website:
Actually, maybe if I can get her first book, Cry of the Peacock, I will give that one a try.


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