White Magic: Spells to Hold You: A Novel

White Magic: Spells to Hold You: a novel by Kelly Easton (2007)

This teen fiction genre novel is relatively short, a quick read. Despite the title, it is not that “magical”. It is mostly about a group of three girls finding the power within themselves to get through life and find their places in life. Each chapter is a different point of view (told from the perspectives of Chrissie, Karen and Yvonne with Jimmy thrown into the mix). It is fairly well done, but I had trouble getting into this book. If I were a teen, it might have been a little easier to get into it, but I am doubtful. I liked all of the girls’ stories, but it didn’t feel like it went deep enough, and felt rushed. Chrissie has just moved to California from Vermont, because her mom is getting remarried, and she is very resentful about leaving Vermont. Karen is in love with Jimmy. Yvonne becomes disillusioned in belief in magic when her wish comes true and her mother finds her, and turns out not to be quite who she always imagined she’d be.


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