Elaine Forrest: Visiting Nurse by Lois Hobart (A Career Romance for Young Moderns)

Published 1957.

At first, this “Romance for Young Moderns” did not grab me as fast as the others I have read very recently. Elaine is not quite as interesting a heroine – she is rather self-centered and rather snobbish. So, of course, you know she will have to change in the course of the story. Also, she is attempting a long-distance relationship with her fiance. You know that this is not going to go well, either, especially after she meets the very interesting doctoral student Dirk. One thing that held me to this story was the mystery connections that Elaine had to discover over the course of time of her deceased mother to this small town she has moved to. This book is well-researched and seems to be well-written. However, it is too short. . . I actually want to know what happens to Elaine and Dirk get married? I think Elaine keeps working, but there is no hint one way or the other.


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