So . . . it is actually the middle of December, and I haven’t really had the time to update this blog in months.

What I intend to do in the next week is post my 2011 Favorite Reads list. If I do so, it will be the tenth year that I will have compiled my annual Favorite Reads list . . . but the first year, in 2002, I just sent it to a few people because I was nervous about it.
I am not sure if I still have a copy of the 2002 list (although it might be on a floppy disk somewhere), but we’ll see. I would like to at least list all of the titles so far that have made my lists to this point, here on this blog, and see if I would revise those lists today. Most of my lists contained 12 to 15 titles and the reasons why I liked each title.
Usually I have printed my list with my holiday letter to family and friends, but alas, I have been too busy lately! In addition, I am still reading some books that I could consider for the list. I just finished one last night that I could not put down!
So . . . stay tuned for my 2011 list!

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