Reading Suggestions for My Nephew in the 5th Grade

I have been reading some juvenile and middle school fiction recently, as well.  Here are some suggestions that my nephew, who is in the fifth grade, may enjoy.

(As a note, there is nothing to do with Lexiles in this list.  It is simply a list of books that I think he might enjoy reading at this time.)

 Three titles I think my nephew would enjoy reading:

Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Extra Credit by Tommy Greenwald.
Charlie Joe does not like to read.  He likes to be funny in school.   He doesn’t put a lot of effort into his schoolwork . . . until, his grades are going down, and he is threatened with being sent to a camp that focuses on reading!   He makes a deal with his parents about getting his grades up . . . and he will do almost anything for extra credit!   I found this a humorous read.

Homesick by Kate Klise
This book takes place in 1983 in a somewhat fictional town in southwest Missouri.   Benny’s mom has just left because she is sick of her husband’s (Benny’s dad) hoarding.  He hoards everything, and can’t even really hold down a job because he is afraid to leave his house is alone (paranoid that someone will rob it).   Benny tries to keep his room clean, but then his dad takes down his bedroom door.  Meanwhile, a good friend has started a local radio station and gives Benny (who is in sixth grade) a part-time job.   Read this book to see how all of the problems begin to be resolved in a few very dramatic ways!

Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea
This story of a fifth grade classroom, told through the eyes of various students, is great.   It is funny and sad at the same time.   I highly recommend this one to my nephew if he has not yet read it.


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