Y is for Your Baby’s Best Shot

Title:  Your Baby’s Best Shot: Why Vaccines are Safe and Save Lives
Authors: Herlihy and Hagood
Original Publication Date: 2012
Date I First Read: February 2013
Basic Category: Nonfiction
Basic Summary:  This well-written book outlines well all of the reasons parents should give their babies vaccines (and addresses most arguments against.)  It includes an extensive reference bibliography. 
What I Remember About the Book:  I was really nervous about my son following the standard vaccination schedule after reading a different book about vaccines four years ago (one that took quite a different stance.)  However, he was fine, and I am so happy now that we did.  I remember that this book actually gave me the assurance that we made the right decision. 
What I Took Away From the Book:  Get the vaccines . . . and that I should make sure my vaccinations are up to date!
Rating (1-5 stars):  4

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