A Summer to Die by Lois Lowery

TitleA Summer to Die

Author: Lois Lowery
Original Publication Date: 1977
Date I First Read: 1987ish
Basic Category:  YA/Teen Fiction

Basic Summary:  Meg and Molly’s family have just moved out to the country.  Molly is popular while Meg is Meg.  Meg is into photography and such.  She becomes friends with the neighbors and is on hand when they birth their baby at home.  In the meantime, it has become obvious that Molly is terminally ill with leukemia.    Meg learns many lessons about life and death at a tender young age.  

Cover: This (above) is the paperback cover I remember seeing when I first read this book  Molly looks like a ghost already.  Either that, or it was this hardback book jacket cover (below.) 
What I Remember About the Book: I need to re-read this book!  I think I actually own a paperback copy, so I’ll have to dig it out and then re-write this post.   I remember Meg being there when the neighbors had their baby, and then 



her sister dies.  

Man, I really need to re-read this book!  It’s been at least 15 years since I last re-read it.   I don’t know it I want to.  Ever since we had our first son, and he died, I’ve been really sensitive to books where children and young people die.  

And yes, this book is completely superior to Lurlene McDaniel books . . . of which I was a fan as a pre-teen and young teen.  Yes, as a youth librarian, I have continued to read most of them.  I can’t see I’ve liked them all.  They never made me cry like A Summer to Die made me cry.  Therefore Ms. Lowery’s book is definitely superior.  

Rating (1-5 stars):  5 


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