The Ability by M. M. Vaughan

The Ability by M. M. Vaughan
Copyright 2013

This is a fantasy and/or science fiction story is intended for middle grade readers. The main character and his friends are all 12 years old.  Christopher Lane and his friends have been chosen to go to a private government school because they show particularly strong “Ability” skills.  The premise is that all twelve year olds (starting with their 12th birthday, and lasting only until they turn thirteen) have some “ability” but some have it stronger. They have been invited to a posh school to learn how it works, and to help save the Prime Minister who is in danger – from an incident that happened thirty years ago.  Meanwhile, there are twin boys being trained elsewhere to use their abilities for more sinister reasons.  

I enjoyed this book.  There is nothing on this book to say that is the first of a series, but it could be, indeed. The ending, which I will not give away, lets me think that there will be more in the future.



  1. I like your reviews, they make me think I want to read them all – but not having a library to choose from, it's not so easy!! Do you only review books that get to your library?



  2. I really like the way you review books – it makes me want to read them all! But that means leaving the house and going to the library….. Or do you review books that are on kindle too?



  3. MadelineAnn – I do review other books – such as ARCs that I get from places like LibraryThing and from ALA. Some of those are Ebooks. I usually get ePubs because I do not have a Kindle. (I could read them on my laptop, but that is kind of a pain sometimes.) I like to just have a more convenient book. I love going to the library . . . though I do put many of the books I read on hold, especially if they are popular.



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