Some Book/Reading Memories

I have very specific memories in relation to where I read certain books.  If you will humor me, I will share a few of these.

Angie and Me by Rebecca C. Jones – First book that I stayed up late to finish as a child and read under the covers.  I was very tired at school the next day.

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett – I read this book the first time in my bedroom, but the summer after fifth grade, I took a library copy camping with my family.  I specifically remember re-reading it for the third time or so on a lawn chair at our campsite.

Lost and Found by Ruby Jean Jensen – I read quite a few of her horror novels while I was in high school, but this was the first.  It was the spring of 1991, and I was reading this after school waiting for the road portion of Driver’s Ed to begin.  I should have been more social and tried to talk to others, but this book was deliciously scary.  I rarely read pure horror anymore (real life events kind of have a way of taking away that desire after a while), but I do like a good ghost story now and then.

The Giver by Lois Lowery – This book came out my freshman year of undergrad (or so.) I spent a friday night reading this book for fun . . . in fact, I stayed up past midnight so that I could finish it.


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