The Amish Blacksmith by Clark and Meissner

The Amish Blacksmith by Mindy Starns Clark and Susan Meissner

Jake just seems to be kind of floating through life.  Things are working out smoothly for him.  He loves horses with a passion, and has managed to go to blacksmithing school (although I am left wondering because don’t Amish frown on further education?) Now has an apprenticeship with an Amish blacksmith business shoeing horses.  He also gentles horses on the side.  There is a young woman, Amanda, whom he is courting.  He is thinks she is very pleasant to be with.  Jake is relatively non-emotional and likes things on an even keel.

Then Priscilla, niece of Jake’s employer, returned home from living in Indiana for the past six years.  In these six years, she has grown up, and mostly moved beyond the anger and grief she was in the midst of at age 14, when her mother died unexpectedly.

This book is an interesting read because it is from the Amish male perspective (when most Amish fiction books seem to be from the female perspective)  and yet manages to bypass what is really going on with Jake until near the end.  Jake seems to think that Priscilla is the one not dealing with the past, when really Jake has a lot more in his past (his early childhood past) that he needs to seriously deal with before he can truly love anyone else.

One of the things that annoyed me was all the discussion about horses.  Horses are nice, but personally, I am not a horse enthusiast.  If you can get past all of the horse terminology, then you may enjoy this book.

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