The Accidental Book Club by Jennifer Scott

The Accidental Book Club by Jennifer Scott (Fiction)

Jean is in her 60s, and just kind of drifting through life right now.  She has her daily rituals concerning grieving for her husband who died a couple of years before.   However, she somehow, accidentally, started a book club that met in her home once a month.  Food is a big thing for he book club, except that she is not the best cook.

Everything is disrupted (and int the end, for the good) when her son-in-law calls to tell her that her daughter is an alcoholic, and is in the hospital for alcohol poisoning and a broken wrist.  There she discovers that her teenaged granddaughter is acting out to get attention because her parents seem to not care at all.  Suddenly her granddaughter (who loves books and reading, too) is living with her and life for them both is changing.

Overall I like this book, and I just had to keep reading it how it would end! (I give it four stars of five.) However, I thought we were going to hear more about the women of the book club when I first chose this book to read.   Some of the book club women seem very flat and undeveloped.  It would have been nice to be able to get to know them a bit more.

(Summer Reading Online – 9 of 30)


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