Breaking the Ice by Gail Nall

Breaking the Ice by Gail Nall (2015) – Juvenile/Middle Grade Fiction

I picked up this book in the Youth Services floor at my local public library as I was browsing while my son was otherwise engaged in an activity.  It looked like the kind of book I would have loved around age ten, and indeed it was.

Kaitlin is a figure skater.  She has been a member of a good club for years, and has had the same coach since the beginning.  Her ultimate goal is to go to the Olympics in another year or two.  To do that, she needs to place well in Regionals so that she can go to Nationals.  However, uncharacteristically for her, she kind of loses it after a small competition when she finishes nearly last due to her program components score (artistry and style, etc.)  Her technical score was very high – her jumps are nearly flawless.   She is having trouble connecting with her audience, though.  She yells at the judges among other things.  Her club and her coach drop her.  No other club will take her except for Fallton – aka “Falldown.”

Ultimately she will become a much better skater with her new club, as well as learned the value of friendship, and who her real friends really are.

I really enjoyed this book overall.   It was a very quick read, and this was partially because I just wanted to know how Kaitlin’s adventures would turn out! Would she make new friends?  Would she make it to Nationals?  Read the book to find out!

(Summer Reading Online – 16/30)


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