I Regret Nothing by Jen Lancaster

I Regret Nothing by Jen Lancaster (2015)

I have read one of Ms. Lancaster’s earlier memoirs, in addition to a couple of her novels.  I have been following her on Facebook as well.  So I thought I would read this book.

It starts off pretty nicely.  I found her bucket list fairly interesting and the remainder of the book was about her journey tick things off of her list.  One item on her bucket list was to get rid of the one tattoo she has since she got it on spring break 20 years ago while drunk.  I applaud her for that (I am not a fan of tattoos.  Period.)  I could not relate as well to her trying to ride a bike for the first time she was a kid, simply because I have never stopped riding a bike (bicycle).  It’s just something I have always done (except for this summer, and my foot surgery.)

However, the whole going to Italy part just became boring.   I.  felt that I just had to slog through it.  I wanted to just read to enjoy.

Because of the slogging portion of the book, I can only give this book three stars out of five at most.  Seriously, getting rid of a tattoo?  That makes up for a lot!

(Summer Reading Online, 18 of 30)


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