It Was Me All Along by Andie Mitchell

It Was Me All Along by Andie Mitchell (2015) – Memoir/Nonfiction

The author is a food blogger ( and though she is only 30 now, she has written this memoir.  I have read several criticisms about this book including these:  sometimes she doesn’t go in depth enough about her feelings because her mother will read them (I think this is true to a certain extent) and it is not well-written (I will say that parts of it are very well-written, and others are not as well-written.)  I was really drawn in most by the beginning to the book – when she is talking about her early childhood.  This section is really effectively written.  The center of the book, and the gliding through high school seemed rather glossed over in many ways.  I was overweight (possibly on the border of obese) during high school, as well as having issues with anxiety (which led to me not being able to eat at school during the school day and stuffing myself at home after school.)  The author seemed much more outgoing in general than me.  It was/is anxiety that makes me want to eat.  I did like that the author mentioned that she just liked the act of chewing sometimes  . . . me, too.  It is very calming.

The title is very appropriate in many ways. It really was about the author and was always about the author.  However, it is a memoir, so therefore isn’t going to be all that much about anyone else.

(Summer Reading Online, 29 of 30)

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