Big Girl by Kelsey Miller

This memoir is written by a young woman, a millenial born in the 1980s. Ms. Miller chronicles her relationship with food and the many diets she has tried over the years.  She has been all different sizes over the years. . . her closet is full of clothes, most of which don’t fit in the opening of this book.  She either exercises and diets like crazy, or has no urge to do anything and overeats.  It seems to be all one or the other.   Ultimately, the author decides not to follow any given diet at all anymore, and see how things go.

I enjoyed this book.  Miller is good and engaging writer.  It drew me in.  I wanted to keep reading.   As someone who is actually been all over the place weight-wise (in the last 15 years I have been between 139 and 208 lbs . . . and that’s not counting my two full-terms pregnancies – the highest I got was around 200 lbs with my first pregnancy, which means I gained just over 50 lbs during that pregnancy – a little much),  this book was definitely of personal interest.

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