World Pizza by Cece Meng

The book opens with a family having a picnic, and the mother sees a wishing star.  She says, “I wish for world peace-ah, ah, ahchoo!”  A sneeze is sparked by a nearby tree. Her children think she’s said “world pizza” and apparently the wishing star does, too.  Peace is brought about, for at least a day, when people all over the world experience pizza dropping out of the sky.  It is enough to bring about momentary peace.

This is a great picture book not only for preschoolers, but also for school-aged children.

The Pigeon

My son got a book for Christmas that he still adores, but it is the only book he wanted at bedtime for over a month.  This was the book:

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!  by Mo Willems.

Soon after, we discovered the rest of the Pigeon books at our local library.  There is the book about not letting the pigeon stay up late.  The one about the pigeon wanting a hot dog. The new one that came out just this spring about the pigeon needing a bath. And, of course,  my son’s other big favorite in this series:

The Duckling Get a Cookie!?  by Mo Willems

This one is kind of fun because of the added animal character of the duckling.   I read it to my son with different voices for the two characters. 

If you have preschool aged children, I highly recommend these books.  Of course, there is also the excellent iPad app for the Pigeon.  My son enjoys this app on the library iPads (we don’t own our own device at this time.)