Play It Again, Mallory by Laurie Friedman

Play It Again, Mallory by Laurie Friedman
(Published August 1st 2013 by Darby Creek)

I admit that I read this book because of the cover!  I loved the image of a young girl holding a tuba and does not look thrilled about it.    I was on mymediamall looking for a book to check out for my kindle, and being a youth librarian at heart, I decided to peruse the juvenile fiction offerings available.  I found this one, and had never read any of this series before. This book is geared toward second through fourth grade level readers, and I recommend it to readers of that age and level.

The main character is in fourth grade.  They have instituted a new arts exploratory program in her school
school.   Each of the older students much submit their first, second and third choices.   Mallory asks for drama first, ballet second and band third.   All her friends get their first choices, and Mallory gets put in her third choice!  The new band director says that she has a talent for matching students with the instruments that are right for them.   Mallory gets assigned the tuba, and she is quite sure that she cannot play the tuba.  Read this book to find out what happens!

(As a note, my mom started my on the flute many years ago – which I liked – but years later, my brother told me that with my ombrochere, I should have played low brass instead.  Perhaps that’s what Mallory’s band director saw in her!)