L is for A Little Princess

(For the 2013 A to Z Blogging Challenge, I will be featuring one book each day, that begins with that day’s letter, that made an impression on me.  This means that for some reason, I didn’t just read that book and forget about it.  No, I still think about it after some period of time has passed.)

Title: A Little Princess
Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett
Original Publication Date: 1905
Date I First Read: 1986
Basic Category: Juvenile Fiction / Classic Fiction
Basic Summary: Sara Crewe’s father takes her to England from India to get an education at Miss Minchin’s Select Seminary.  As he is very wealthy, she has her own suite (no roommates for her!) of rooms and a private maid.  Before he leaves to return to India, he buys her the perfect doll to be her friend.  Sara makes human friends as well at the school, and is kind to everyone, even Becky, the young scullery maid.  Miss Minchin doesn’t care for her, in part because Sara already knows French.   When Sara’s father dies, seemingly penniless, big problems lay ahead for Sara.  
What I Remember About the Book: I was in fifth grade when I read this the first time, and sorry that I hadn’t read it sooner.  I re-read it five times at least the following summer (I have memories of reading it on a lawn chair at a campsite, and later in my sleeping bag with a flashlight.)  I had never seen a movie version before, either.   I watched the PBS Wonderworks version later that year when it aired.  I remember most from my first reading of the book was the buying of the doll (named Emily), Lottie’s tantrums, and of course, the night when Sara’s dreams came true.
What I Took Away From the Book: How to be a good friend.  Not to count on money always being there.   Don’t go away to a boarding school for girls.  Sometimes unknown men creeping into a girl’s bedroom doesn’t always mean something bad . . . um, I don’t know if that’s a good lesson.   
There is a sequel, Wishing for Tomorrow, by Hilary McKay that was published in 2010.   I’d always wished that there could be a sequel, but then worried that whoever wrote it would not write it correctly.  I have re-read the sequel twice since the first time I read it.  I love the sequel.  It’s perfect! 
Rating (1-5 stars):  5