Claudia and the Bad Joke (Babysitters’ Club series #19)

Claudia and the Bad Joke (The Baby-Sitters Club, #19)
by Ann M. Martin (and it seems that she actually wrote this one.  Most of the later books in the series were written by other authors.) 

Orig Pub Date: 1988
Date I First Read It: 1988 (Read quickly at a store.)
Stars (1-5):  3.5

Brief summary:  Claudia is the victim of a joke gone bad at the hands of her babysitting charge.  Her leg is broken.  She gets lots of visitors at the hospital compared to her hospital roommate, who seems to have little going on socially.  She is also considering retirement from babysitting. 

Some comments:  I have seen it noted on other blogs that Claudia’s leg on this cover looks extremely long.  I have always wondered what I found disturbing on this cover, and that’s it! Her leg is too long!  However, having a too-long leg gives her a lot of space to create art on her cast, which she does once she gets out out of traction and goes home.  I think this book still takes place during one of their first years of eighth grade.  (The older members of the Babysitters Club were in 8th grade for 14 years! See my post about the members of the Babysitters Club turning 40 this year!)