V is for Veil of Roses

TitleVeil of Roses  
Author: Laura Fitzgerald
Original Publication Date: 2006
Date I First Read: 2007
Basic Category: Fiction
Basic Summary: A young Persian/Iranian woman named Tami gets a three-month visa to visit her married sister in Tucson, Arizona.   Part of the point of her visit is to find her a husband so that she can stay through marriage in the United States and not have to go back to Iran. She also takes an English class, and gets involved with her classmates’ lives. 
What I Remember About the Book:  I read this book first a year or so before we found out we would be moving out to Tucson for at least four years.   It was on the new book shelf at library where I worked at the time.  I loved the cover, and my husband is of Persian ancestry . . . so I thought the book would be interesting.  It was.  I liked reading about the food and traditions.   I liked that Tami got involved with a non-Persian guy.
I finally met the author, who lives in Tucson, last year.  She is a nice and friendly person!
What I Took Away From the Book:  Love your spouse.  Love your family and friends.  Don’t take your freedom for granted. 
Rating (1-5 stars):  4.7