X is for Xavier’s Fantastic Discovery

Title:  Xavier’s Fantastic Discovery
Pictures by Lucinda McQueen with “Special thanks to Roger and Susanne Schlaifer for bringing the legend to life.”
Original Publication Date: 1984     
Date I First Read: 1984

Basic Category:  Picture Book / Children’s Fiction

Basic Summary:  Xavier Roberts and BunnyBee search for the garden where the Cabbage Patch Kids are grown. 

What I Remember About the Book: Sybil Sadie, a Kid who didn’t want to be friends with Xavier right away.
Quote: ‘ “Well, said Tyler Bo, “You’ll sure learn fast enough around here.  I don’t reckon you’ve had time to notice, but this valley is just about filled up with Cabbage Patch Kids.   Our friend, Colonel Casey the stork, tries to find homes for us, but it’s hard work.”’  (Book is unpaginated!)
What I Took Away From the Book: Colonel Casey the stork is the reason I became a Cabbage Patch Kid mom . . . that, and my Grandma, who tried her hardest to get me one when they were extremely popular. 
Rating (1-5 stars):  3