Anatomy of a Misfit

Anatomy of a Misfit by Andrea Portes (2014)

In this YA fiction, Anika Dragomir is the third most popular girl in her high school, and initially, she is solely concerned about keeping her status where it is.  The most popular girl, Becky, is “all-American”, and Anika is half Romanian, so she therefore, she can never be the most popular girl ever in the high school hierarchy.  Not in 1980s Nebraska!   Anika really likes Logan, who has grown up over the summer and now rides a moped to school!  However, then there is Becky, who still acts like a complete “mean girl” toward to Logan (and most of the girls in school).

I give this book three stars out of five. I want to be able give it more, but I had trouble sticking with this book. There is much foreshadowing that something is going to happen, and that there is a big lesson to be learned.  There is so much talk about boyfriends and sex . . . I suppose it is realistic, but in some ways, so different than my own high school experiences about five years or so after this book was set.   On the other hand, I was not “normal.”  I had trouble talking to anyone. at. all back then.

I liked in the beginning of the book all of the references that place the time frame of this work in the mid-1980s or so –  LA Gear shoes, The Cure, Police, etc.  The first names of most of the characters place it in the ’90s:  Becky, Shelli, Jared, and Brad just to name a few.

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