A Heart Like Ringo Starr by Linda Oatman High

A Heart Like Ringo Starr by Linda Oatman High (2015)

Faith’s family runs a funeral home, which is kind of ironic because Faith is dying at age 16.  She does not want to die, and she is angry about this. She needs a heart transplant to live.   While she is waiting, a teen boy dies in a car wreck and her family’s funeral home handles the body, etc.   At about the same time, she gets the call:  there is a heart for her.  Come in immediately.

This novel is a quick read.  It is told in verse, and is very effective.  I highly recommend it to nearly everyone.


The Box and the Dragonfly (The Keepers #1) by Ted Sanders

The Box and the Dragonfly by Ted Sanders (2015) – Middle Grade Fantasy

Horace is on this way home from school one day when he notices a strange billboard on a wall while riding the bus.  He eventually gets off the bus, and finds a store that isn’t really a store  – most people can’t see the entry.  It turns out he is a Keeper, and he find an object in the storeroom that feels right to him.  He becomes its Keeper, and it provides him with a special power.  It takes him a while to figure out what is going on.  Eventually he meets Chloe who has been a Keeper since she was five year old.

Long story short, below the city of Chicago, there is a whole world of good and evil, and you just need to read this book to find out more!

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I liked that it took place in Chicago.  It is lengthy, however, and part of it toward the middle of the book seemed to drag at times.   It speeds up toward the end. . .  and leaves you hanging!